IMM Web Edition

Dale Turner

The One Man Band

There are independent musicians out there who really give meaning to the word "independent". Dale Turner is just such an artist. He slices, he dices, he shreds (on his guitar, that is). He has been combining music and media, before the internet was cool. A true visionary and a man who has the audacity to take on any idea his mind can conjure up.

Yes, there is more to Dale than his ability to play and teach the guitar. He plays a number of musical instruments, sings, records himself, and does it all his own way. There is a lot to be said about a man that forges his own destiny and doesn't think twice about stopping.

Here is one of those interviews where you have to give thanks for such a man that lives among us. The conversation could have lasted forever.

But I'll settle for giving you a little at a time, for the sake of your anticipation...