IMM Web Edition


Music Review by Jenny Stoker

Tigerface' s latest EP "Out Of The Dark" is a musically aggressive guilty pleasure. They incorporate so many different genres to make up their own signature sound. It has everything from Rock, Electro, Pop, Punk and even a touch of Emo. The entire EP is upbeat, dramatic, polished and is a complete eargasm.

The kick off track, "Right Now", packs a punch from the beginning and gets you pumped up and is relatively fast passed, beginning with Emo-like vocals, great guitar licks and ends in an electro synth. Powerful lyrics like"Don't let greed control your life. Don't let the world just slip on by" and message of morality, drug use and falling which a lot of listeners can relate to.

"Jellyfish", starts out very eerie with a music box playing like something out of a horror film. I loved it. This song also has slamming rhythm section, tight baseline, crunchy guitars, and angry yet outstanding vocals. I am completely blown away by Ari Epstein strong voice and vocal range on the entire EP.

"18 For Glory", Wow!! This song is a lyrical masterpiece. The beginning of the song even has gunfire sounds in the background. "Don't waste your prayers cause there's nobody there to save you. I'm already gone" and "Stand up in your life. The battles worth the fight" are powerful messages. It send shivers down your spine and make the tiny hairs on the back of your neck stand straight up. I loved the piano excerpt, crushing guitars, violin and a full on orchestra. Brilliant!

Some other standout tracks are "Animal", "Morning Dove" and "Lions Den". Actually, there isn't one skip song on their EP. Throughout their lyrics they possess powerful and even positive messages, which is a refreshing change of pace from most albums.

If you haven't listened to Tigerface, now would be a great chance to hear a group of musicians that pour their soul out in their music, incorporate catchy anthems and beautiful and highly empowering songs. Tigerface takes the high road and let's their listeners engage in a story, actually a very clear message and storyline. Epic!!